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Wet Clothes Stay In The Washer - Fabric Instructor

Can Wet clothes Stay In The Washer? Proven Guide

At some point, we are all slackers when it comes to laundry. Sometimes we start a load, and then get busy with something else and completely forget about it. Hours …

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Laundry Chart For College Students - Fabric Instructor

Laundry Chart for College Students: How to Conquer Your Dirty Clothes

It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to change color, the air becomes crisp, and pumpkin spice everything pops up on store shelves. For college students, it …

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How To Do Laundry In College - Fabric Instructor

How to Survive College Laundry: A Guide On How To Do Laundry In College

You’ve finally moved out of your childhood bedroom and into your college dorm. And with that comes all the new responsibilities: cooking for yourself, doing your laundry, and managing your …

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Does Cold Water Shrink Cloth - Fabric Instructor

Does Cold Water Shrink Cloth? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever accidentally washed a piece of clothing in hot water, you know that it can shrink. But what about cold water? Does cold water shrink clothes as well? …

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The Ultimate Guide to Washing Blankets - Fabric Instructor

The Ultimate Guide to Washing Blankets

When it comes to bedding, most people think about sheets and pillowcases. However, blankets are an important part of any bedding set, and they need to be washed just like …

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Laundry Hacks - Fabric Instructor

15 Great Laundry Hacks For Your Next Load

Life hacks are simple techniques or strategies that can help you with various aspects of your life, including laundry. These laundry hacks are meant to make tasks like washing and …

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